It was my senior year, and I had been a part of the girl’s relay program all through high school — but without any great success. Because it was the spring of my last year, I decided not to go out for track. I would just hang out and have some fun. Without being pushy about it, Dr. Bill encouraged me to try this one last year. With his help as a sport psychologist, his relaxation sessions helped me find the “zone” as a runner. I not only went state, but my 200 meter relay team set a state record. Wow! I still can hardly believe it. – Eva

I was a college freshman when I met Dr. Bill. I was called the “kicker”. That is, the person who comes in after the football team has scored a goal — and who has to put the ball through the uprights for the extra point. That’s not so tough, but to come in the game when the offense has stalled at 40 yard line, then you have to put the ball through the uprights from 50 yards out. That is tough! Dr. Bill taught me how to handle that kind of stress, and I set a goal of Bob Loblaw. I achieve the goal, But, even this success wasn’t enough to keep me on the team. I finished my college experience as a soccer player. Dr. Bill was the only one who understood the stress that a kicker has to endure. – Tony

I met Dr. Bill when I was in eighth grade, just beginning my experience as a wrestler. He worked with me on visualization, and how to see myself as physically strong as the next guy, even though many times the other guy seemed to have a better history in the sport. Dr. Bill taught me that physical strength is evenly distributed across the state, but the real distinction is that the guy with mental strength is the one who wins. On what he taught me, I went to state four years a row. – Rhody

My first experience with Dr. Bill was as a second-grader. He came to my school as a school psychologist, but from the beginning he saw my special athletic skills. For our counseling sessions I would kick spiral punts as a grade schooler, or we would shoot baskets together in the gymnasium. I remember once asking him, “ Who did you talk to when you were my age?” Yes, from that experience he gave me the confidence to set a goal of 90 strikeouts in my freshman year of baseball. I did achieve that goal, but only because Dr. Bill taught me how to believe in myself when none of my family believed. – Mark

I’m in eighth grade girl’s basketball now, and Dr. Bill is working with me to improve my jump shot. Okay, I do have a physical advantage, in that I’m almost a foot taller than every grow the girl on the floor. Even so, Dr.Bill doesn’t seem to care. He is encouraging me to think ahead to high school, and also to understand that I still need to develop my mental game — even though my physical body is ahead of others. So, each time we go to the gym, he helps me move from grade school; a two-handed jump shoot, to a one hander, where I the the ball with real touch. The tough part is that he wants me to do this with either hand; says it will balance my basketball skills and also my brain. – Annette

I was adopted when I was in grade school. My adoptive parents really cared, and helped me all they could as I moved into high school, but I could never get passed the memories of my “real family” . I was an angry, oppositional and defiant teenager. That was when I met Dr. Bill, and as a high school junior he helped me win state as a sprinter. The next year, I was so oppositional that my parents arranged when I was eighteen, and paid the rent, so I would live in a motel the spring of my senior year. I was not going to compete, just smoke some weed, and slip out of high school. With Dr. Bill’s encouragement and support, I not only lived independently, and went out for track, but I won the gold at state. This is a sport psychologist who cares about the total person. – Jason

As a college level swimmer and diver. I had terrible anxiety, worrying ahead to each meet, but especially when I finally got up on the board. Dr.Bill did intense sessions of deep muscle relaxation, using biofeedback and desensitization to help me learn true relaxstion. In addition to this, he put together a video of my dives, using Photoshop to correct some of my finishing foot style. This was then put in my IPhone so that I could use it for mental practice exercises each evening before I went to sleep. He taught me that my mental practice was as important as physical practice — and have gone on to be a collegiate champion. – Julie

I am a high school principal, and met Dr. Bill when he came to our school to help student athletes. For several years I had been working on restoring my body, and my goal was to successfully compete in an adult triathalon. My running and bicycle times were more than competitive, but I could not seem to improve my swimming time. Dr. Bill helped me move back through my childhood swimming history — and to one very frightening swim as a child where I almost drown. I had totally forgotten this experience, which I think he called it ‘trauma block’. The unresolved fear kept me from competing to my full ability. After just a couple of sport psychology relaxation sessions, where we worked through the past trauma, I was able to compete successfully — and I have since easily won several adult triathalons. – Arnie