William H. Porter, Ph.D.
Box 712                                                                                               (319) 385-4277
Mt. Pleasant, IA  52641                                                       


Peace; personal and for the planet.


Private Practice
I have been practicing privately in recent years as some variation of counseling, sport or industrial psychology.  Since moving to Mt. Peasant I have organized my efforts as a broad based practice under the umbrella of the Earth Please Foundation.   This federally chartered non-profit corporation serves as the focus for research work in clinical, sports performance  and industrial psychology.

Consulting Psychologist
Currently working through the Earth Please Foundation as Porter Psychological Associates, 104 East Clay, in Mt. Pleasant.  Also; expanded sport psychology services as The Sports Eye, through association with a master’s level, Sport Psychologist, Corrie Ann Wagner, who is located in Iowa City, Iowa.


High School Diploma
Creston, Iowa

Bachelors Degree;
BA Fine Arts/Psychology, double major, Bethel College, St. Paul, Minnesota

Graduate Study
Courtauld Institute, London University, London, England,
Ph.D., School of Education, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, California

Research Fellow
Marianne Frostig Center for Educationally Handicapped Children, Hollywood, California,

. . . Focus of study and research in the assessment and counseling of children diagnosed as Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

Psychology Associate
Pacific State Hospital, Behavior Modification Unit, Pomona, California,
Whittier Child Guidance Center, Whittier, California,

. . . Pre-doctoral, APA approved clinical internship emphasizing research methods in child and family community mental health.

Post Doctoral Fellow
Stipendiat Psychologie, Max-Planck Institut fur Psychiatrie, Munich,  Germany.

. . . Post Doctoral internship with German as the primary language; focus on learning theory as related to childhood autism and adult neuroses, funded by the German government.


Secondary Teacher
Minnehaha Academy, Mississippi River Road, Minneapolis, Minnesota,

. . . Taught two years at a secondary private prep school in areas of fine arts and history.  Coached senior golf, freshman basketball and football.  This time was separated by a year of graduate study in England, then to Los Angeles and graduate school in psychology.

Executive Director
Jefferson County Mental Health Center, Lakewood, Colorado

. . . administrative and clinical responsibility in suburban catchment area of 350,000 population.  Reported to a lay board of directors with funding by city, county, state and Federal entities.  During the time I was director,  the program went from two offices and thirty staff to seven offices and a staff of 100; when I left clinical work for the field of Industrial Psychology,

Industrial Psychologist
Reid,  Merrill, Brunson and Associates, 200 Fillmore Street, Denver, Colorado

. . . managed the industrial psychology and human resources division of TRACOM, a larger research corporation for three years before leaving to start my own company. I spent the next ten years as president of this psychology consulting firm in Denver.

Porter and Associates, 700 East Ninth Street, Denver, Colorado

. . . Developed a human resources consulting firm serving a broad range of businesses in the Rocky Mountain region and nationally.  My experience included team building, personnel selection, productivity and product analysis; to the banking, insurance, real estate,  office and auto products, petroleum and computer manufacturing industries.

And,  two years as sport psychologist to the University of Colorado football program.

Sport Psychologist
During this time I  served as consultant to the University of Colorado Athletic Department under Football Coach, Bill McCartney in a position he called an “Inner Game” coach.   Following this I also spent  a preseason  with the Denver Broncos Football Club during Red Miller’s tenure.

Like many Iowans, I was eventually drawn back to my home state where I have settled in Mount Pleasant and reside with my wife Nancy, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.


—  Clinical Psychology Licensure;  Iowa Department of Health,

—  Certified Health Provider;  Iowa Department of Health,

—  School Psychology, Master Educator Licensure; Iowa Department of Education,

—  Certified Coaching License;  Iowa Department of Education

—  Member:  Iowa Psychological Association

—  Charter Member; National Council of Health Providers in Psychology


In 1996 was awarded a grant by the FINE Foundation (First in the Nation Excellence) to research the use of the Iowa Communications Network [A statewide fiber optic network of 400 interactive video television sites], in group process with adolescent age students.  This program explored group therapy across distance, and between schools across the entire state of Iowa, was later awarded the top research project for that year.

A program created for the 2005 school year called TeeNet used the ICN to link four Henry County, Iowa, high schools with three other schools; in London, The United Arab Emirants and Tokyo in a planet-wide connection and discussion group. This was later given an Award of Excellence as one of the ten top programs created in the first ten years of the Iowa Communication Network.

Recently launched a sport psychology web site [in development] that features one of the first measures of an athlete’s mental strength; the Inner Game Profile.  This site allows the athlete to take this assessment on-line and to receive an immediate written report:  This report identifies hidden sports mental blocks, and highlights outstanding mental sports strengths in relation to the athlete’s current sports goal.

Following my original undergraduate major in the fine arts, I have always made art therapy an integral part of the counseling experience.  This past year I completed a book entitled:  Portrait Therapy;  A Sketchbook of Contemporary American Emotion. The book describes how portraits completed within the counseling experience can document the changes that occur over the time expanses of therapy; www.ExplorePortraitTherapy.Info.


I enjoy some golf, and the summer of 2011 ran the 200 and 400 meters in the Iowa Games, and was a gold medalist in each.  It’s a way to say to the athlete’s with whom I counsel; “Not just talking, but still participating.”


Provided on request.