Inner-Game-Profile-Dr-Bill-Video-AvenueFor An Inner Game Video Conference… with a Sports Psychologist.

VIDEO AVENUE is a way for you to sit down and talk face-to-face with Dr. Bill, a fellow who is both a coach and a sport psychologist.

Skype, one of the newest video formats of the Internet, or FaceTime on iPad, allows a comfortable connection for you to meet with Dr. Bill in a personal video conference. Video conferencing is an area where he has been conducting research for several years, and historically Dr. Bill conducted some of the first fiber optic based group therapy research — this as early as 1995.

You may have completed your Inner Game Profile, and you now have specific questions about your personal Inner Game Gold Report. Dr. Bill is ready to talk through your questions, and relate them to your current sport.

He understands that learning to overcome problems in the mental side of your sports game is tough. You can have the greatest body, and the quickest hands, but if you do not understand how to control your mental game you may be caught on the sidelines. This may mean you have specific concerns about your sports performance; how to handle stress during competition, about the ways to maximize your Predominant Sports Mental Strength, or your concerns about pre-game anxiety and “jitters”.

Learning to control your mental game might be a specific Sports Mental Block, for example, like a recurring fear that comes only when you face a left handed opponent as a batter or in tennis. Perhaps, your first tee-ball coach made a negative comment about your ‘foot speed’, and those words still have an affect on your game.

These are the kinds of topics that are discussed, and are often resolved in a video conference. If you are thinking about getting some help with your sports Inner Game, and these topics sound interesting, then contact Whatever your concern, Dr. Bill will be happy to talk confidentially about personal issues as they relate to your individual sport, although under eighteen years, you will need a signed parental release.